Yet another case of mob justice? Mentally-unstable youth beaten to death in Thane, Police is mute witness

Following a heated argument with a shopkeeper, Chandresh was tied up and beaten to death in broad daylight in Thane while the cops stood witness.

In a recent viral video, a man was seen being brutally thrashed by a mob in Thane, Mumbai. The shocking footage exposed how an angry mob hung him upside him and proceeded to thrash him using rods and other weapons. What’s even more appalling about the video is that two policemen, who witnessed the entire incident, did not make any efforts to save the man, who died screaming in pain.

According to a Mid Day report, the man has been identified as one Chandresh. Following a heated argument with a local shopkeeper, Chandresh allegedly hit the latter with a broom which is when it turned violent.As per NDTV, the 28-year-old man was mentally unstable and tried to escape the clutches of the mob which is when he was chased down and tied up to a tree, upside down. As the events unfolded, not a single person turned to help the deceased. Two policemen were present at the spot to tame the angry mob, yet they too failed to rescue the man while the mob unleashed its brutality. He succumbed to his injuries.

The WhatsApp chain message which led to murder

This is hardly the first instance of mob violence that has been reported. In Shobhapur, Jharkhand, a man named Mohammed Naeem was beaten to death by a mob merely on the suspicion of kidnapping. Reportedly, it was a WhatsApp chain message asserting Naeem’s involvement in child abduction is what incited the violence. Three others were also lynched over similar suspicions in the neighbouring regions.

The Kashmir braid-cutting menace 

Following the recent emergence of the braid-cutting menace in Kashmir, several people were thrashed by mobs on the suspicion of being the braid-cutter. A 70-year-old man had died after being his nephew hit him with a brick over the suspicion of being infamous braid cutter in Kashmir. On similar suspicions, a 20-year-old man was brutally thrashed in the region of Baramulla.

Mob justice for Nigerian male over alleged theft

In September, a Nigerian man was beaten over the suspicion of theft in Delhi. The man was tied to a pole and brutally thrashed while he begged to be left alone. He was later handed over to the police for his alleged crime.

Beef lynching of Jharkhand 

Back in June, in another incident of mob justice, a Muslim trader in Jharkhand was lynched by a mob of 100 on the suspicion of transporting beef in his van. He was rescued but later succumbed to his injuries while on the way to the hospital.

Youth killed over suspicion of theft in Delhi 

Earlier in March, in Delhi’s Swaroop Nagar, a 28-year-old man was killed by a mob at night over the suspicion of his involvement in a theft. His body was only discovered the next day.

Three of the attackers of the Thane youth- Amit Patil (30), Sagar Patil (25), and Balaram Fharad (36) were later identified and have now been placed in police custody. The two policemen who witnessed the entire ordeal have also been identified as S V Kachave and H N Garad. Senior Police Inspector of Manpada Police Station, K G Kabdule, stated that the two cops have now been suspended.

But, is it really enough?  If people of our country continue to dole out vigilante justice, while authorities stand witness, who do we turn to for protection?