Minor beaten up, forced to eat buffalo dung by 'tantrik' to exorcise evil spirits in Maharashtra

A teenage girl in Maharashtra was forced to eat cow dung by a godman in a village who was making efforts to ward off "evil spirits"

A minor was allegedly forced fed buffalo dung to ward off the “evil spirit” that possessed her in Latur district of Maharashtra. The incident took place in Dhangarwadi village of Latur where the villagers believed that the 17-year-old girl and other two women were reportedly possessed by “evil spirits”.

According to a report in IANS, the incident came under limelight after a resident of the village registered a complaint with the local police station. The report further stated that it was alleged that the women were believed to be possessed because they were constantly fighting with the group of men within the household.

In a bid to rescue them from the “haunting” of the evil spirits, the family members of the women took them to an “Exorcist” ‌in the nearby village. The Tantrik reportedly claimed that he could help in exorcism. The man also asked the people to tie the girl down when she staged a protest during the exorcism ritual. Following which, the Tantrik allegedly beat her up and stuffed buffalo dung in the 17-year-old girl’s mouth. The girl did choke but swallowed the dung while she pinned down.

The girl also allegedly named someone performing black magic in the village which was not only affecting the residents of the village but the cattle too, IANS reported. The same person went on to file a complaint with the police to ensure his safety and have name 5 people including the girls father in his complaint.

The police have launched a manhunt and are making efforts to track the people named in the complaint. They are also reportedly investigating the matter. The entire ritual that was allegedly filmed is doing the rounds on social media. As per a Mid-day report,  action has also been reportedly initiated against the police officials who received the forwarded video.

The police have managed to arrest four people identified as  Prabhakar Kesale (35), Gangadhar Shewale (65), Pandit Kore (37) and Dagadu Shewale (40), Mid-day reported.

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