Meet Gulgul, the mongrel who saved his adopted family from gun-toting goons

Gulgul has become a celebrity in Kasba, Kolkata after his brave act

The second lead in a film, putting his life at risk to save the hero from the villain’s bullets is one of the oldest formula of Bollywood films. Despite its predictability,  a climax like this, often makes for a good cinematic experience, mostly because such display of courage and loyalty restores our faith in humanity. In Kolkata, a similar story played out. Only that the climax had a brave mongrel playing the saviour to a resident of Kasba — Surajit Roy and his family.

On Sunday, January 14, Gulgul saved a member of his adopted family by jumping on a gun-toting goon and chased them away with his barks before they could set the house ablaze. Roy’s Kasba home was raided by a bunch of goons, reportedly to settle a land dispute. When they pulled out a gun to fire at Roy’s mother, Gulgul made a timely entry, jumped on the miscreants and disturbed their aim.

Roy was quoted by Times of India as saying: “He not only saved my mother but all of us because the goons were trying to put our house on fire. If Gulgul would not have alerted us with his barks we would not be alive today. All of us are indebted to him.”

Following his heroic act, Gulgul has become the centre of attention in Kasba. Roy’s relatives have been dropping in to meet the dog. Unaware of all the adulation, Gulgul, is still recovering from the trauma of the attack, says Roy. Roy’s wife fed him his favorite mutton liver and rice, to him feel better.

Roy had picked up Gulgul, a stray dog, from a park in Nalban four year ago. This was after his Labrador died. Since then Gulgul has been a part of the Roy family.  After this incident, Roy is convinced that even street dogs are as smart as pedigree dogs and that more and more pet lovers should adopt them and give them shelter.