Meet Dadarao Bilhore, The Mumbaikar Who Filled Over 500 Potholes

He is filling potholes in the city in the memory of his son who died in a road accident.

Dadarao Bilhore, a Mumbai resident has been filling potholes in the city all by himself. On Sunday, he set a record after filling up the 556th pothole. And the reason why he has taken up this mammoth task – he doesn’t want anyone else to face what he has been going through since the past three years.

In 2015, Bilhore lost his son Prakash in a road accident after his motorcycle fell in a pothole. Since then, the grief-stricken father has taken a pledge to make India free from potholes. He has been filling potholes so as to avert accidents caused by them.

Dadarao finds solace in saving other people’s lives and feels that if people start filling potholes themselves, the authorities will be inspired to do their job.