Maoists chuck pamphlets for phones, use WhatsApp to spread information

These are some of the tech upgrades that Maoists are making according to this document recovered by the Chhattisgarh police

Chhattisgarh police have recovered a 25-page document that reportedly reveals the changes that Maoists are adapting in terms of technology. The document further states different guidelines that the cadre have been asked to follow.

According to a report in Indian Express, the instructions directs the cadres to not carry mobile phones with SIM cards and to not access websites on the radar of Intelligence agencies. They also have been asked to save all the important documents in a memory card and to tap WhatsApp.

“Propaganda is being carried out via pamphlets, banners, posters, statements and these days through mobile phones and WhatsApp. After taking decisions, we must concentrate quickly on propaganda material and this must also be planned… We cannot depend only on computers,” Indian Express quoted excerpts from the document as saying. The daily further went on to list the other specifications that were apparently mentioned in the document.

The regulations include:

-The Maoists have to keep in mind that there is a possibility that their location could be revealed if they download something from the internet considering that some of the websites are under the strict scanner of intelligence agencies.

-Furthermore, they have been directed to save up documents and necessary information in a memory card instead of mobile phones.

-Anti-virus should be installed in the computers and phones. Additionally, the WiFi and Bluetooth has to switch off on the phone until and unless necessary.

“Often, after an exchange of fire, even if there are no casualties, the Maoists have to leave their camps in a hurry, leaving material behind. This literature tells us of their status, strength and other strategic aspects. If they begin to use memory cards in phones, which they carry on their person, we will potentially only get this information if there is an arrest, or a body recovered,” an officer told the daily.