Manushi Chhillar has the most chilled out retort to Shashi Tharoor's controversial tweet on her

Manushi Chhillar responded to the uproar which started after Shashi Tharoor's 'distasteful' tweet punning her surname

Manushi Chillar who made India proud by winning the Miss World title, putting an end to a 17-year-long drought, has responded to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet which created a storm on social media. Taking to Twitter, Manushi said that it was important to not forget the ‘chill’ in Chhillar – her surname which Tharoor punned in what many considered a distasteful tweet.

Post the uproar, National Commission of Women (NCW) said it would issue a summon against Tharoor for his derogatory tweet. Haryana Women and Child Development Minister Kavita Jain also slammed the MP and called his tweet an “indulging in callous and reckless ‘wordplay’”.

Here is Tharoor’s tweet which started the uproar:

And his apology for it:

Manushi Chhillar is a medical student in Haryana

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After a lot of ruckus over it, Manushi finally broke her silence and it would definitely qualify for one of the sanest and calm replies in the recent times. Manushi tweeted:

Manushi’s reply earned her respect from her fans on social media who lauded her way of tackling things. Here are a few replies:

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Well, she may have been crowned Miss India only now, but Manushi knows how to deal with matters sensibly!

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