Manohar Parrikar's U-turn, denies plan of making Goa a fully cashless state

State Government planned for only up to 50 per cent transactions in Goa to be converted into cashless ones.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar took a U-turn from his statement of making Goa a fully cashless state on Saturday. He claimed that Goa was never planned to be a completely cashless state, neither was it possible.

As per reports, he asserted that “fully cashless is not possible, nor desirable, nor intended; what is intention is to reduce the extent of use of cash. Wherever possible, start doing transactions through a digital mode.”

He further said that “In Goa, we intend to take it cashless transactions to 50 per cent as early as possible, from about 15-20 per cent. There are so many difficulties in it and they are being surmounted”.

However, Parrikar while addressing a rally in Goa on November 27 had said the coastal state would be India’s first cashless state.