Man started filming this Kolkata girl without her permission; what she did deserves an applause

This man allegedly started filming this Kolkata woman without her permission, how she responded will make you want to clap for her

While we still continue to battle gazillion stereotypes pertaining to women and women safety in the society, some of them out there still struggle to understand the concept of consent. Chances are that every woman at some point in her life has encountered a creep staring at her, passing lewd comments or even touching inappropriately during the commute. Some choose to ignore some prefer giving it back to them.

This Kolkata woman decided to do what many of us should do. The girl identified Ditsa Upadhyay who was travelling in Howrah-Malda Intercity Express on July 28 caught this man taking photos and filming her without her permission. No, she did not ignore and let it go. She decided to confront him and snatch his phone while her friend Satrarupa Chakraborty recorded the entire episode before posting it on Facebook.

The man, Pintu Mondal initially denied taking any pictures but later admitted that he took a photo because he liked her “tattoo”. Following which, Ditsa questioned him saying if he had taken her permission to click the photo of her tattoo. Mondal also refused to give the passcode of his phone while maintaining that he had not taken any video.

The girls got off at Howrah station and took the man to Howrah Government Railway Police Force (GRPF) where the police officer allegedly told the girl that “good girls from good families” should not get into the trouble of police and courts. Another police official also reportedly told them that they did not find anything wrong with the photo of the tattoo.

“One officer told us in Bengali that we are ‘bhadrogharer mei” (girls from good families) so we shouldn’t even get into the mess of a complaint. Because it would entail us to coming to the station, the court and would create a hectic situation for us. Another senior officer, upon seeing the picture said that there was nothing ‘apattijanak’ (objectionable) about the picture of my back with the tattoo on it. I was shocked. I was like: It is my body, and no one can click any picture without my permission. Be it either of my front, back, ear’s hole or anything,” Ditsa said.

Here’s the video posted by Ditsa’s friend:

Source: Storypick

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