Man masturbates in front of a 22 year old girl; what the police helpline did will shock you to the core

This girl got masturbated at in a Mumbai local train, how the police helpline responded to her complaint will baffle you. Read the full story here

Every single day, you come across various stories of crime against women. While some do get the attention they need to, some go largely unreported. Some don’t report it out of societal pressure, some don’t because they believe the officials won’t take the desired action against the perpetrator. But what happens when the victim subjected to assault does muster the courage to report the incident but still don’t get the response that he/she should have ideally got?

A 22-year-old woman identified as Pooja Nair was on her way to work when she came across a man who started abusing her and allegedly masturbated at her in a local train in presence of other women in the same compartment. Pooja took to Facebook to share the horrific account and said that she was listening to music when she noticed the man abusing another woman but kept her cool and didn’t protest. The man allegedly came near her and started calling her names too. When Pooja stared down at him, she saw him sliding his hands down in his pants and taking his genitals out while grinning at her.

In her Facebook post, she mentions that such a horrific incident was something new and that she had experienced similar incident in the past.

“The split second where our eyes locked, he took the chance to come to me. He came to my side of the compartment and put his hands through just like he had done before. He called me the same, another 6-10 times. I looked up and just kept looking at him for 20 seconds. Thinking of what I should do. Meanwhile, he puts his hand down, whips out his penis and grins at me,” she said in a Facebook post.

She decided to compose herself and asked the other women for the helpline number. To her horror, the officials only laughed at her as they apparently found it “funny”. She even gave the police helpline number all the details including the compartment she was in and the next station that was supposed to arrive. The police helpline cut the call.

He allegedly even threatened to rape her after he got off to the next station, while the other 6 women in the compartment started yelling at her. Pooja still doesn’t know whether the police did take an action against the man or not but in her post she urges women to not be afraid and take the stand. “Our helplines. Do they really help? Or is equality for women just a trend for marketing and PR? Rape is supposed to scare me. Stop being scared by it. Stop making it a big deal. Somewhere there, it will stop,” she said.

She also pointed out that she had once even called a suicide helpline who didn’t answer her either. You can read the entire Facebook post here.

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