Man in Coimbatore murdered for being an atheist, police arrests his friends

Few days back, Farooq had posted a photo in which one his children was holding a placard that read “No God, No God"

H Farook, the Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam (DVK) activist was allegedly murdered by his friends who were part of an extremist Islamic group. He was killed few days after posting a photo in which one his children was holding a placard that read “Kadavul illai, Kadavul illai, Kadavul illai (No God, No God, No God)”.

A 31-year-old wage labourer from Coimbatore was  an atheist and police has arrested his friend and a former business partner for their alleged role.

So far six people have been arrested including Saddam Hussein, Abdul Munaf and Jaffer Ali who are main accused in the case and they all were known to Farook. They have accepted their role in the murder, as the per the Coimbatore police.

Shocked over the incident, Farook father Hameed who is caretaker at a guest house in the city told Indian Express, ” If the police version is true, that he was murdered by a radical Muslim group, then they killed my son using wrong interpretations of the Quran. The Quran is one holy book that insists on and allows the right of dissent since the time of the Prophet. If they killed him for being an atheist, I have decided to join his organisation and do what he did.”

A friend of Farooq said that after following a Periyar’s ideology he became an atheist and as member of DVK he took part in several meetings and protests in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

“A vocal Periyar follower who propagated atheism and rationalistic values, Farook used to receive threat calls from radical groups whenever he posted something against God or religion in WhatsApp group or on his Facebook. He ignored those threats”, said a police officer.