Man complains of shortage of food on Mars, Sushma Swaraj responds like a boss!

A user Karan Saini sought Sushma Swaraj's help for food, not in India, not abroad, but on Mars. Here is how she responded

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is a darling on Twitter. She is one of the most followed politicians not just in India but also across the world. Be it people stuck abroad due to visa issues or even responding to those who are facing problems of a faulty refrigerator, the ‘Supermom’ is there to help!

On Thursday too, a Twitter user knocked Sushma Swaraj’s door with an out of the world problem, quite literally! A user Karan Saini sought her help for food, not in India, not abroad but on Mars. “@SushmaSwaraj I am stuck on Mars, food sent via Mangalyaan (987 days ago), is running out, when is Mangalyaan-II being sent ?” he tweeted.

So how do you think she would have responded? Do you think she would have avoided that ‘crazy question’? She isn’t one of those who would leave questions unanswered. Here is how she replied.

“Even if you are stuck on the Mars, Indian Embassy there will help you,” she said.

Her witty reply won over hearts on Twitter! This is how her ‘fans’ responded

Some even recommended a Bharat Ratna for her!

And we agree with this Twitter user!

This is not the first time that she has engaged in a witty conversation on Twitter. With 5036 tweets and 8.18 million followers, her personal engagement has been one of the main reasons for her popularity on social media.

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