Mamata Banerjee refuses to leave secretariat till army moves to "guard" democracy

She has asked the government if it was a "military coup"?

A day after claiming a threat to her life, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday alleged that the Central government had deployed army on toll plazas in the state without the permission of the state government.

Terming it as a very “sensitive” matter, Mamata Banerjee asked the centre if it was “military coup”. West Bengal’s Didi also went on to stay at the secretariat overnight claiming to “guard” the state’s “democracy”. She has also refused to leave the office till the army moves across the state.

“We completely respect the army, however, we have been told that the data they are looking for is already available. The West Bengal Chief Minister has been in the office all night. We have got reports that the army personnel was being deployed over a dozen districts,” TMC worker Dere O’Brien told a news agency ANI.

Meanwhile the army has rubbished Mamata’s claims of a “military coup and asserted that it was only a routine exercise.

The West Bengal Chief Minister, however, lashed out at the army saying that they are “misleading” facts.

Additionally, the Congress party has backed Mamata Banerjee and have said that they would like to raise the issue in the parliament. While speaking to the media, Mamata also alleged that it was happening because she has protested against BJP’s demonetisation drive.

However, the BJP workers have claimed that Mamata Banerjee was creating unnecessary ruckus along with other TMC workers.