Mahatma Gandhi's words on Pakistan hold importance even today

"There is talk of war everywhere," Gandhi had said in 1948

It has been 60 years since Mahatma Gandhi’s died but his words on India-Pakistan ties hold relevance even in today’s day and age.

Gandhi, who was a preacher of non violence, acceded to the fact there may be situations where solutions look bleak and a war is inevitable.

“Pakistan is being requested to get out of Kashmir and to arrive at a settlement with India over the question through bilateral negotiations. If no settlement can be reached in this way then a war is inevitable,” he had said.

“There is talk of war everywhere. Everyone fears a war breaking out between the two countries. If that happens it will be a calamity both for India and for Pakistan,” he asserted.

Even today, India has been approaching Pakistan to act against terror flourishing on its soil, but Pakistan has remained in denial and no action has been taken against the terror outfits.

Uri attack in which 18 soldiers lost their lives and Pathankot attack on the IAF base where 7 soldiers died, are just two examples of growing terrorism brooding on the Pakistani soil. Repeated infiltration attempts along the Line of Control are also on the rise.

Gandhi’s speech January 4, 1948, reveals that Pakistan’s deterrence to reach a settlement is not a new thing. Speaking over the unrest in Kashmir, Gandhi had then said, “they keep saying that they want an amicable settlement but they do nothing to create the conditions for such a settlement.”

Reaching out to Pakistan, Gandhi had said, “I shall humbly say to the responsible leaders of Pakistan that though we are now two countries – which is a thing I never wanted – we should at least try to arrive at an agreement so that we could live as peaceful neighbors.”