Maharashtra CM's wife attends Christmas charity event, Twitter asks if she's 'Fadnavis or Fernandes'

Amruta Fadnavis was trolled by a certain section of social media for attending a Christmas-themed charity event.

If you happen to be a Hindu and want to attend a Christmas-themed charity event, you might just end up finding yourself in the middle of an ugly social-media brawl. This has been an exceptional year for inane controversies, and the last month of the year shows no sign of disappointing.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ wife, Amruta, who is often seen promoting different charitable events, was at an event organised by an FM channel recently. The ‘Be Santa’ campaign hopes to bring in enough donations in the form of gifts for the underprivileged. A lovely way of spreading Christmas cheer, you’d think.

But Amruta’s tweet ended up offending the trolls (a fairly easy task, TBH) who were quick to ask why she did not promote charity events during Diwali or Ganesh Puja. Umm… maybe because nobody asked her to?

Not only was Amruta criticised for attending such an event, questions were raised about her religion as well. ‘Fadnavis or Fernandis’, asked a troll with the caustic freedom that comes with anonymity. ‘Shame’, cried another, lamenting that she never ‘launch Rama and Krishna Campaign’, failing to mention the target audience who will benefit from this particular charity.

WAIT. What? Amruta and Devendra are now supposedly secretly Christians because she attended an event asking people to ‘Be Santa’? BJP will not get votes because they may be secretly Christians? Devendra’s real name is Dave? Fadnavis is actually Fernades? Why are these guys called trolls and not Bollywood’s script writer? Imagination so wild that Rohit Shetty’s films seems sane.

Amruta was criticised to a point where she was forced to offer a ‘clarification’:

We reached out to Shefali Vaidya to know her point of view regarding the whole issue, but haven’t received a response yet.

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This is hardly the first time someone affiliated with the ruling party has been at the receiving end of cyber trolling after expressing a view that goes against the louder and more aggressive ‘popular’ opinion. In July, Home Minister Rajnath Singh was severely criticised for saying that ‘all Kashmiris are not terrorists’, after pilgrims were attacked during Amarnath Yatra. And in October, after the Supreme Court ruled against the sale of fire-crackers in Delhi NCR ahead of Diwali, Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan gave the move his thumbs up. Needless to say, he was mercilessly trolled for supporting a move that’s anti-Hindu tradition.