Lynching cases not just in Narendra Modi's rule. Twitter user digs out UPA record

A Twitter user has claimed that it is not just in Narendra Modi's regime that cases of lynching have been reported. He claims that such cases took place in Manmohan Singh's government too

Have the incidents of lynching increased since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in May 2014? Denying such reports, a Twitter user has claimed that under Manmohan Singh’s Congress-led alliance too, there were multiple cases of lynching. He stated the cases that were reported in 2013 and said that there were over 20 instances of mob attacks and lynching in that year. “2013. Just 1 year out of 10 under UPA. Rudimentary search reveals more than a dozen lynchings. Guess it was Hindustan then, not Lynchistan,” he tweeted.

Twitter user Anand Ranganathan, who is a Consulting Editor and Columnist, at, also pinpointed a tweet by journalist Shekhar Gupta, in which he has referred to India as ‘Lynchistan’. “Welcome to Lynchistan, welcome to Lynchistan/Yeh Lynchistan,hai meri jaan (with apologies to “Selfiestan” smartphone advert copywriter),” Gupta had tweeted.

Ranganathan also clarified that he is not backing any government but was just stating the facts “Don’t care two hoots for the govt. They are as useless as their predecessor. But if you come after India with an agenda, I’ll come after you,” he tweeted. He added that he is compiling a data of lynchings between 2004-2013 and has been able to find mention of several communal cases.

As per a report in Indiaspend, many of the attacks that have taken place since 2010 have been fuelled by rumuors. These include the infamous case of the death of Pehlu Khan who was allegedly killed by a group of people affiliated with Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. It was alleged that he was killed by these cow vigilantes for illegally transporting two cows though it has also been reported that he had all valid documents of the purchase.

Here is how people on Twitter are reacting:

Whether it be any government who is in power, the incidents of lynching are equally shameful. It is time we wake up to these cases and do what it takes to stop this baseless hatred.

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