Londoners Building A Bridge Over A Puddle Is The Most British Thing Ever

Clearly, Londoners can build a bridge over anything

It would probably take a few hours to discuss Londoners and their fondness for bridges. So it was not particularly surprising for anyone to see tube commuters outside Hammersmith station make a bridge of chairs to cross over ankle-deep water.

The makeshift bridge was actually created by a few workers at a nearby sandwich chain. For Londoners, who are quite accustomed to rains now and then, dipping their shoes in the puddle – 150 cm in length – was an insurmountable task. However, The Independent reported that one woman was spotted taking her heels off and daring to march across the ankle-high water.

The crowd outside the station, waiting to cross over, kept increasing to the extent where the station was eventually closed. It’s understandable that the sudden rain was surprising for the commuters as it came after the heatwave. Flash floods hit east and south-east of England on Thursday, putting an end to London’s scorching weather.

A few hours later, an employee of the restaurant took back the chairs that the commuters had borrowed to build the bridge of chairs.

Here’s the video: