Lok Sabha MPs can be disqualified if they do not give leave applications. Know how

Lok Sabha MPs can be disqualified from the parliament if they fail to provide a leave application. Here's what the constitution says

Did you that a member of parliament of the Lok Sabha can be disqualified if they do not send a leave application before taking a leave? With the increasing instances of MPs remaining absent from the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked BJP members to ensure their presence in the parliament adding that it was their basic responsibility.

The Indian Constitution clearly stated that an MP is entitled to be disqualified if he/she is absent continuously absent for 60 days without prior notice or without permission. Due to which it is pertinent that the MPs submit a leave application if they intend to be absent from the Parliament for a longer period of time.

Article 101 (4) of the Constitution provides that if for a period of sixty days a member of either House of Parliament is without permission of the House absent from all meetings thereof, the House may declare his seat vacant.

They should duly write to the speaker citing appropriate reasons for being absent. They are also required to specify a definite period in which they intend to be absent. The Constitution further states that “all applications for leave of absence stand referred to a Committee, namely the Committee on Absence of Members from the sittings of the House.” As per factly, as many as 46 leave applications were submitted in the Lok Sabha. However, in practice, applications for leave of absence for a period of less than 15 days are not placed before the Committee.”

The Committee in charge of keeping a tab on attendance of the members scrutinises the applications and decides the further course of action.

Illness is apparently the most common reason mentioned in the leave applications submitted by the MPs. Other reasons include illness in the family, trip abroad, relief work in the constituency. Some of them have also mentioned, “detention” in their leave application.

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