Legal action against unruly passengers and fine upto Rs.15 lakh for delaying flights: Air India

For delay up to 1 hour a fine of Rs 5 lakh and for delaying flight for 2 hours Rs 15 lakh fine will be imposed

After the Ravindra Gaikwad incident, the national carrier Air India has formulated a rule against unruly passengers and those found guilty which face a legal action and a fine will also be imposed on them.

For delay up to 1 hour a fine of Rs 5 lakh, beyond 1hr to 2hrs fine of Rs10 lakh & for delay beyond 2hrs fine of Rs 15 lakh to be imposed.

The announcement is made by Air India after Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad created a created a ruckus on a flight on March 24. In a shocking incident, he misbehaved with the 60-year-old airline official and hit him 25 times with a sandal.

After the incident came to light he was banned from flying by Air India and following the suit the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) which has SpiceJet, Air India and Jet Airways as its members too boycotted Gaikwad.
Facing ban, Gaikwad was forced to take a train to reach Mumbai. Several Shiv Sena MPs termed the banned imposed on their colleague as illegal.

Gaikwad in his defence said that he took the step as the official used foul language for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He later apologised for his behaviour but refused to apologise with the Air India official with whom he misbehaved.

The standoff that between Air India and Gaikwad lasted for few days, and the former lifted the ban after the Civil Aviation Ministry intervened. Later, FIA too lifted the ban imposed on Gaikwad.