Law protector or persecutor? Cop caught throwing watermelon on a fruit-vendor in this viral image

A cop was seen roughing up a vendor by throwing watermelon on him in Telangana. Minister has urged DGP to take action against him

In a shocking picture that is currently doing rounds on social media, a police officer from Telangana presumably furious, hurling watermelons at a local vendor. A social media user recently tweeted a picture that showed a cop using unnecessary force by chucking a watermelon at the vendor.

The picture was taken by Sunny Kandi which was shared by Rajesh Karanam who termed the act as extremely “shameful”. He further urged the Telangana DGP to take immediate action against the act. Information technology (IT) minister, KT Kamra also tweeted out to the DGP personally and directed him to take necessary steps adding that counselling for officers who have direct interaction with the common public was essential.

However, the exact reason why the entire incident unfolded is not known as yet. However, reports suggest that the cops was “provoked” to do so. It is being reported that the vendor refused to move his cart despite repeated warnings due to which, the cop had to resort to doing what he did. Meanwhile, the DGP affirmed that the cop could have fined him but was wrong in roughing him up.

“He had the choice to take action by issuing a challan. But he behaved in a high-handed manner for which action will be taken against him,” Newsminute quoted DCP in-charge, Rachakonda, Divya Charan Rao as saying.