Kolkata Police nabs stalker through #ShareWithoutFear online campaign

The Kolkata Police were alerted about the matter through the cyberstalking victim's comment on one of their posts following which they acted speedily.

Following the global #MeToo campaign, Kolkata Police has launched efforts to encourage victims to #ShareWithoutFear. The police have arrested a 27-year-old man in a case of cyberstalking after launching the campaign on their Facebook page. They were alerted about the matter through the victim’s comment on their post. By addressing the situation with a swift response, on November 4, the police managed to nab the accused.

“A few days ago, the cops received a comment from a lady on Facebook on how an acquaintance was harassing her through his Facebook profile. She sought help,” the official Twitter handle of Kolkata Police reported. “We asked her to inbox her number, which she did promptly.

The police launched an investigation, but according to the police report, the accused deleted his Facebook account after learning that they were on his tail. “Such methods to evade penal action our cyber police station is quite familiar with,” the police stated. The accused, who stayed in the Birati region of Kolkata, was then arrested from his residence following a few days’ technical surveillance.

Twitter lauded the Kolkata Police’s swift response to catch hold of the accused.

Kolkata Police’s #ShareWithoutFear campaign was motivated by the #MeToo campaign, where people from across the globe shared their encounters with sexual harassment.