Kiki Challenge May Seem Cool But Cops In India Aren't Happy With It At All

You will face the wrath of the law if caught doing the same.

Your social media timelines might be flooded with videos of Kiki Challenge and you probably might be planning to take up this ‘dancing along with a moving car’ challenge. But beware, because this might land you in trouble.

Different police departments across India are posting advisories against people taking part in such challenges. They say that Kiki challenge not only poses risk but also is punishable under the Motor Vehicles Act.

It was Mumbai Police which first reacted to it:

And then Uttar Pradesh said that not all challenges in life are worth taking:


Jaipur Police went a bit too far:


Delhi Police clearly wants dancers to stick to the dance floors:

Gujarat Police issued a clear warning:


And so did Rajasthan Police:


Punjab Police expressed his love for the citizens:

Bangalore City Police stressed the importance of ‘kick of law’:

Kiki Challenge was actually started by comedian Shiggy who tweeted a video of him dancing to Canadian rapper Drake’s In My Feelings. It somehow turned became viral and turned into a social media trend.