Khap panchayat in UP bans men from wearing shorts in public, calls it 'bad precedent'

A khap panchayat in Shamli has decided to bar men from wearing shorts in public places. The decision was taken during 'khap swabhiman sammelan'.

A khap panchayat in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh has decided to bar men from wearing shorts in public places. The ‘khap swabhiman sammelan’, a group comprising 35 khap leaders, had met after a long time to “rejuvenate the khap system”.

According to a Times of India report, Naresh Tikait, the head of Balyan Khap, said that men wearing shorts in public places sets bad precedent.

“If girls are discouraged from wearing jeans, why should boys not be banned from wearing shorts? We do not differentiate between sons and daughters,” added Naresh.

Such diktats have been issued in the past by khap panchayats or caste councils in UP and Haryana, drawing flak from several quarters.

Earlier in 2014, a community panchayat in Uttar Pradesh had banned girls from wearing jeans and keeping mobile phones claiming that they were having a “bad” effect on them and were responsible for eve-teasing incidents.

It passed the diktat banning wearing of jeans and use of mobile phones by unmarried girls. The panchayat also claimed that eve-teasing incidents had increased due to “objectionable” clothes worn by girls.

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The panchayat had also asked the community people not to have disc jockey during wedding functions.

In 2015, a khap panchayat in Uttar Pradesh had issued a diktat that a Dalit woman and her sister should be raped and paraded naked in their village as revenge for their brother’s action of eloping with a married girl from the Jat community.

Fearing for her life, the 23-year-old woman had moved the Supreme Court, seeking protection for herself and her family.

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