Kerala may not be able to use plastic plates at weddings anymore! Here's why

Soon, Kerala may not be able to use plastic plates and disposable glasses at weddings. Here's what they will be using instead

The Kerala government will reportedly ban the use of plastic plates during wedding ceremonies in the state in a bid to promote eco-friendly wedding. The state government has also reportedly released a green protocol in order to have lessen the use of non-degradable waste.

As per reports, the plastic plates and the disposable plates will be apparently be replaced by environmental-friendly materials including tumblers and other utensils. The officials will also hold inspection and raid various marriage halls and hotels to check whether the directions are being followed, India Today reported. Necessary action will be taken if the rules are violated. They will also be video graphing the ceremonies and take action according to the kind of utensils used in the event.

“The core objective of the initiative is to reduce the use of plastic in daily life. Plastic articles including glasses and plates are used in large numbers during functions, especially marriage ceremonies in the state,” C V Joy, Director (Operations), Suchitwa Mission told PTI.

“We can reuse, recycle and reduce plastic. But, even if we reuse such non-degradable articles, there will not be much decline in its presence. So, reducing its use is the more effective way to achieve our plastic-free society goal,” he added.

Recently, the city Corporation of Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram had issued a Green protocol imposing a blanket ban on plastic bags. The city corporation had affirmed that they will soon bar people from using plastic plates and disposable glass in wedding ceremonies and other celebrations.