Kerala boy fails to get college admission despite good grades, forced to take up farming

The Kerala student in a Facebook post wrote that he has been forced to take up farming as he has not been able to secure a seat in college

For years there have been many debates over the validity of reservation of backward class students in educational institutes and jobs. There are many who think that reservation gives them a chance to lead a better life. On the other hand, some even think that because of reservations, they fail to get admission even after scoring well.

Recently, a student from Kerala said that he has been forced to take up farming, because due to reservations, he has not been able to secure a seat in college. Lijo Joy secured 79.9 per cent mark in Higher Secondary could not get him a seat even after five rounds of seat allotment.

In a Facebook post, Lijo wrote, ‘forced to take up agriculture’. He added that he has been doing farming even at scoring 79.9 per cent marks, at the same time, those students who have got 50 per cent marks are going to college because of reservation.

Lijo in a Facebook post wrote, “During my struggle for admission I realised that here mark is not the criteria for getting into college, one is reservation and the other is money. Since I don’t have either of them I might be going through this”.

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With no option left after failing to get admission, he took up farming. The post that he shared on Facebook on Saturday has got more than 12,000 shares till now.

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While concluding the post, he stated that he is not angry on anyone but at the same time, he wanted that people should give a thought if the next generation needs reservation.

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