Polish woman’s video blog about India is winning internet hands down

Karolina Goswami's video has gone viral and now boasts of 27,000-plus views on YouTube in just two days.

For ages, India has often been looked down upon by the West as the land of snake charmers. Despite having made significant progress in the field of information technology and economy, we are often portrayed as a country riddled with poverty, superstition and communal divide. But, this Polish woman is shattering all the stereotypes about India in a classy way.

Clad in a yellow sari, Karolina Goswami in her video highlights India’s transformation from a state ravaged by internal strife during Partition to one of the fastest growing economies in the world. She begins by recalling the historic acquisitions of British giants Corus, Jaguar Land Rover and Tetley by Indian conglomerate Tata, and how it created ripples in United Kingdom.

The video has gone viral and now boasts of 27,000-plus views on YouTube in just two days. She has attained instant fame on social media, with people flocking on to her channel to praise her for the amazing video. Her YouTube channel India in Details already has 1,079 subscribers. Whoaa!!

Who is Karolina Goswami?
Born in Poland, 27-year-old Karolina Goswami visited India two years ago and fell in love with it. Married to an Indian national, she claims to be enjoying her life in a country which is full of contrasts. She credits her husband for helping her out to understand the country.

“After spending a few months there I realized that people in Europe are not aware of the beauty of this country and most of them were biased because of media,” she wrote on her website.
Adding further, Karolina lamented on how most of the people criticised India despite not having visited here even once. However, Karolina says she is not biased and will give a clear picture of India, the one her children will call it their homeland.

The Polish-Indian traveler says she will share with the viewers the things she does not like about India, but only on the basis of facts.