Karnataka govt to begin a treasure hunt after man sees 'secret bungalows' in his dream

The latest one to embark on a similar journey is the Karnataka government that has ordered a treasure hunt based on someone's dream.

Tales of hidden treasure have been told to us in different forms. Be it the stories of our grand ma, films or fiction books, it makes us crave for wealth that we never knew existed. The last time we have heard of treasure hunt was the one ordered by Charan Das Mahant, the union minister of state for Agriculture and Food Processing after a local saint in UP’s Unnao claimed that a King appeared to him in a dream and told him that 1,000 tonnes of gold lay buried in the ruins of the Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh Fort. Not to mention, this turned out to be a media circus and an embarrassment for the UPA government.

The latest to embark on a similar journey is the Karnataka government that has ordered a treasure hunt based on someone’s dream.

29-year-old Pradyumna Yadav, who claims to be a descendant of the Sri Kirisomeshwara kingdom, wrote to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah about his dream of two secret bungalows holding untold wealth within its six rooms. What’s more baffling is that the CM’s principal secretary took notice of the letter and wrote to Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage, to ascertain the claim. Apparently, only way to check its veracity would be to go on a hunt.

In his letter Yadav said, the Kingdom was established 700 years ago. Parts of this vast kingdom, he claims, are Karnataka now. However, 300 years ago, apparently, the kingdom faced invasion from outsiders. It was then that a clever king hid all his wealth in six rooms. Now he has been seeing the wealth in his dreams, he claimed. He requested the government to dig up the treasure and to use it for state’s development.

Yadav wrote the letter on August 16 and the CM’s principal secretary issued the instructions to the archaeology department on August 18.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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