Justice Ganguly counters Justice Sharma's claims, says he has heard mating calls of peacocks

While Justice Sharma has claimed that peacocks don't have sex, Justice Ganguly has affirmed that he has heard peacocks mating calls

Just a day after, Rajasthan High Court judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma made a startling remark saying that “peacocks do not have sex,” Ex-Supreme Court judge AK Ganguly has rubbished his claims and have affirmed that Justice Sharma is not “scientifically correct”. Not just that, Justice Ganguly went on to refute Justice’s Sharma’s claims by asserting that he himself has heard peacock’s “mating calls”.

“I have heard the mating calls of peacocks in Delhi’s Tuhglaq Road when I was an SC judge,” Justice Ganguly told News18.   Justice Sharma made the remark after he demanded that the cow should be declared India’s national animal. He further affirmed that strict punishment should be enforced for those slaughtering cows.

Hitting back at Justice Sharma, Justice Ganguly said that declaring cow as a national animal does not ensure their safety. This is not the way to stop slaughtering of cows. A comprehensive view needs to be taken and not guided by sentiment,” News 18 quoted Ganguly as saying. He further slammed Justice Ganguly’s peacock comment adding, “I am sorry for the peahens, they never had sex. Poor girls. The peacocks, they are all impotent in this country. I thought they are having a ball of a time dancing around with their feathers. Thought they dance to attract females but only to put a tear into her. What nonsense.”

Justice Sharma raked a storm yesterday after claimed that a peacock possesses pious qualities to which it was named as the national bird of India adding a peacock does not have sex and peahen gets pregnant by swallowing the tears of the peacock. “Peacock has a pious quality. Peacock is a lifelong celibate. It never has sex with peahen. Its tears are swallowed by the peahen to get pregnant who then gives birth to peacock or peahen. God Krishna wore peacock feather for this reason. Peacock feather is used by saints and priests and in temples for this reason —its celibacy,”

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