Watch: 64-year-old Kashmiri man skiing on 90s hit "It’s My Life"

The video clip with background music It’s My Life has been filmed by Yusuf's friend as a tribute to his never ending passion for adventures

The recent video of a 64-year-old Kashmiri Muhammad Yusuf skiing in Gulmarg on the popular track It’s My Life from Dr Alban’s 1992 album One Love is going viral on social media.

The video clip with background music It’s My Life has been filmed by his friend, Showkat Patto, as a tribute to Yusuf’s never ending passion for adventures. During a recent get-together at the ski resort, Pattoo, a fashion designer, and adventure sports lover captured the priceless moments of his friend skiing on the 90s popular track and later posted it on Facebook.

While a few like Yusuf were skiing, many young people were simply watching the event. All eyes were glued to him as he skied down the slopes with style and perfection.

“See this old man skies so brilliantly and is not scared of slipping down whereas we, despite being so young, are even scared to walk properly on snow,” a spectator said.

After Yusuf stopped skiing, Patto prepared the video and embedded the 90s chartbuster, titled it Old man and the Snow and posted it.

“Because of his age, he(Yusuf) remained an unusual attraction on the slopes so I thought It’s My Life aptly defines the moments,” Pattoo replied when asked why did he choose the particular song and Yusuf agreed to it.

“I really wanted some message for the youth, who were merely taking selfies on the slopes rather than testing their skills on skis, when they could have performed better than me because age was on their side. So It’s My Life was the perfect message,” Yusuf said.

Having served as a sports coach in Kashmir University for around three decades, Yusuf has trained more than 30,000 youth including girls in various adventure sports like skiing, mountaineering, and kayaking.

“Adventure has been his passion since childhood. I grew up in Dalgate locality in the foothills of Shankaracharya when every morning my day would start with a climb uphill. So with age, my bones have got tuned to adventures. It’s My Life!”