"Shifting cobra from J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti's house an ill omen," says Jammu priest

A cobra was spotted at CM Mehbooba Mufti's residence on April 18. It was later shifted to Manda Zoo in Jammu

While the news of a deadly cobra recently spotted at J&K Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti’s residence in Jammu city has gone viral, many priests believe that the snake shouldn’t have been forcibly relocated as it has amounted to Abhshagun, or bad omen for her government, which has suddenly run into rough weather.

For ages, the cobra is believed to be the custodian of hidden treasures and when this reptile is spotted near a throne, it is often believed to bring more of good omen for the ruler. But priests in Jammu, also known as the city of temples, believe that the “wrong handling” of such a “sensitive incident” brings misfortune. Something of this sort seems to have happened at the CM House.

Babaji Rakesh Kumar Heer, a revered priest from Rajauri district, who finds scores of disciples coming to him even from Pakistan believes that the presence of cobra at the CM House shouldn’t have been handled the way it was.

During an exclusive interview to InUth.com, Babaji, who is the head Pujari at Shiv Shankar Mandir Rajauri, says there are many facets of spotting a snake at the CM House. Babaji, however, clarified that he is not a tantric but a devout bhakta of Lord Shiva.

“This snake should not have been forcibly taken away because it amounts to Abhshagun. It could have been let go away of its own because that brings good omen,” Babaji said.

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He added that, traditionally, priests are called to tackle such a situation. “Had they(government) called someone like us, we would have performed some rituals and let it go away of its own.”

Moreover, the Pujari says it also needed to be verified if the snake had entered the CM House or it was suddenly spotted there. “If it was spotted there all of sudden then again it’s an Abhshagun whereas if it was seen sneaking into the premises through general entry then it’s a very good omen.”

With the cobra having been forcibly whisked away by authorities, the general notion among people is that bad omen has already arrived for the Peoples Democratic Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party alliance as the coalition partners have suddenly developed strained relations. Call it a fate or coincidence, leaders of twin parties have been exchanging heated arguments. On April 20, PDP Vice-President Sartaj Madni took senior BJP leader and Cabinet minister Chander Parkash Ganga head on for his “disgusting utterances”.

As already reported, on April 18, panic had gripped Mehbooba’s Wazarat Road residence when a deadly cobra was spotted there in the morning hours sending the security apparatus to tizzy at the highly fortified villa.

At around 9:00 AM on the fateful day when Mehbooba was about to leave for her office, she was asked to be confined to her room as a “safety measure” till the snake was caught from outside.

As per the sources, the wildlife officials took away the snake and set it free at Jammu zoo. However, given the sensitivity of the incident, the government has initiated an inquiry as to how come the deadly cobra sneaked into the fortified premises.