Now, separatists ask women not to apply for airline jobs just to avoid wearing western formals in Kashmir

The Dukhtaran–e-Millat has issued a formal statement asking girls and their parents not to “fall prey to the trap of waywardness

At a time when Kashmir’s educated youth are craving for job opportunities, separatist outfit Dukhtaran-e-Millat led by Syed Asiya Andrabi has asked women not to opt for a career in a private airliner merely because aspiring females have been asked to come for the interview in western formals.

The Dukhtaran–e-Millat has issued a formal statement asking girls and their parents not to “fall prey to the trap of waywardness.” The separatist outfit has been ‘pained’ by advertisement titled: “It’s your time to fly join Air Asia” published in local dailies whereby aspiring women have been asked to apply for the job of cabin crew.

After months of unrest, the job opportunity had brought hopes of employment, but the reaction from the hardliner separatist outfit seems to have dashed many dreams.

Arifa (name changed), an aspirant who speaks fluent English says she was longing for such a career opportunity and had instantly applied for the job. “But the moment my family went through the statement issued by the Dukhtaran, they asked me to refrain from going for the interview as they are now apprehensive that his job would lead to flesh trade. This is ridiculous,” the aspirant rues adding that “my dreams have been shattered for life.”

The Dukhtaran-e-Millat in the controversial statement said the advertisement published by Air Asia “clearly directed the Kashmiri women applying for the jobs leave Islam at home to come for interview in western dress code. This is evident they stand for promoting waywardness,” the Dukhtaran said.

The pro-Pakistan party also took a dig at the revival of Bollywood activities in Kashmir. “The reason behind the meetings of puppet Mehbooba with those who go to make careers in Bollywood and other sports related events is to exactly disconnect Kashmiri Muslims from religion, society, and its rich heritage.”

Though there’s no “waywardness” in the job advertisement, InUth inquired from the Dukhtran–e-Millat as to what was wrong there? The reply was astonishing as the other party started reading the ad: “Look at the wording of the eligibility criteria. ‘Clear complexion. Outgoing, fun and fabulous personality with a natural ability to provide excellent service while working as team. Attire: Western formals with heels’. What more is need is for waywardness?”

But then such criteria is vogue in the industry and something exactly normal. Don’t you want Kashmiri women to excel like other modern women?

Meanwhile, the government has taken a serious note of the “irresponsible statement.” “Whereas on one hand, our departments like tourism are working hard for the revival of business activities, peace, and prosperity, they (separatists) are hell-bent to turn Kashmir into the land of Talibans,” says a senior official.

But police says job aspirants should feel free to opt for a career of their choice. “No aspirant should worry we will take care of this all.”