Mere Bhai Awaaz Laga Dena: Is CRPF's new helpline a fresh attempt to befriend Kashmiris?

The helpline, which is first of its kind, has been launched with an attractive video-clip, to give the description of the assistance being offered

In a bid to offer assistance to the Kashmiri people, paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has finally expanded its services beyond the security-related operations by starting an innovative helpline: the Madatgaar, or helper.

So the next time any Kashmiri is stuck in a situation of sorts; be it a car breakdown, the need of medical assistance or are being harassed, all they have to do is call on 14411 and help will be on its way.

The helpline, which is first of its kind, has been launched with an attractive video-clip, which gives the description of the types of assistance being offered. The 1.8-minute video is the form of a musical number in Urdu, the lyrics of which is:

Kashmiri Meray Bhai Awaaz Laga Dena,

Mushkil Jo Padhay koi, Hum Ko Bhi Bata Dena

Beemar Ho Jo koyee, Gaadi Ki Zazurat Ho,

Awara Hawahun Say Beti Ki Hifazat Ho,

Ik Phone Lage Dena , Aaingay Gay Bula Lena

Har Waqt hein Tayaar Madatgaar Madatgaar

The CRPF said that Kashmiris settled anywhere across the country can also avail the services offered by this helpline. Talking to InUth, the CRPF spokesman, Rajesh Yadav said that the paramilitary force wanted something innovative for the people of the valley beside its routine operations or the civic action programs that are already underway.

“We are deployed across Kashmir 24X7 and thought why not to add something more on the humanitarian front. So this 24X7 helpline is an outreach program to interact with people and to lend a helping hand,” said Yadav who is also the Commandant of the 161 Batallion CRPF deployed in Srinagar.

The official bluntly admitted that the paramilitary force is mainly busy with Law and Order or counter-insurgency operations, something which often distances security forces from the civilians of this restive region.

With over 47 battalions deployed in the Valley, the CRPF claims it has adequate resources to run the helpline in the entire region.”On the medical front, we have our fleet of ambulances and doctors in all our units. And interestingly most of our doctors happen to be locals, so even language is not supposed to be a problem. Civilians facing difficulty on any front should feel free to contact us,” the PRO says.

CRPF also added that over the years it has observed that Kashmiris face difficulty in getting access to civilian officials for the redressal of their grievances. And this is why it has developed Madatgaar as an integrated system where it is connected to those concerned.

While the video has been released on social media, the CRPF plans to publicise the development in a big way.

“We are coming up with hoardings and will equally go for extensive awareness through print and electronic media,” the CRPF says. “Madatgaar is for our Kashmiri brethren, they should feel free to call us. Let’s be connected for the cause of humanity!”