Kashmiri man takes Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon too seriously, marries multiple women

Unlike movies where the end is always good, this Kashmiri man has landed himself in a soup

A Kashmiri man seems to have been highly influenced by actor Kapil Sharma’s romantic comedy Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon where he married multiple women. But unlike movies where the end is always good, this Kashmiri man has landed himself in a soup.

Two wives of Hilal Ahmad Gosani are up in arms against him for having cheated on them. While one has moved court, the other one has been staging roadside protests and is planning to approach the police for action against the “dhookaybaaz”.

Staging a dharna on the banks of Dal lake Hanifa Bano, a woman in 20s accused Gosani of having betrayed her by secretly marrying two more women. “We got married in 2014 and had strained relations thereafter. But now, I got to know that he was already having two wives and children,” says Hanifa while holding her infant daughter Taiba in her lap.

Seeking justice, the woman says it was an arranged marriage, which ran into rough weather within weeks of consummation. “He would look for reasons to abuse me whereas my in-laws also harassed me and physically abused me in the name of dowry.”


Hanifa says she recently got the shock of her life when she visited a local court to discuss her case with a lawyer. “To my utter shock, he (Gosani) was already in the court fighting with some other woman.”

The other woman is Naseema. Mother of a four-year-old son. She has already registered a case against Gosani. Naseema says she was in love with him and that the couple got married way back in 2008. But after a few months of honeymooning, the husband started behaving rudely. The couple subsequently separated in 2010. In 2013, however, they reunited. Nine months later, the boy was born. After the baby’s birth, however, Gosani abandoned the mother-son duo. He later married Hanifa.

It was just recently that the two women got to know that Gosani was already married to a third woman who is believed to have been a tourist. The locals are supporting these two women. They accused Gosani of being a flirt who would often date even tourist women. “He would exploit his hunky looks and tell visiting women that he is Salman Khan of Kashmir,” the locals said adding police should teach such playboys a lesson.

The accused couldn’t be contacted for comments.

While polygamy is legally permissible for Indian Muslims, police says it has “no direct role to play in such marital disputes.” “This man has already separated from his previous wives and subsequently married another one. We are yet to ascertain if he has a third wife or any more of them. This story sounds much like Saajan Chalay Sasural or Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon,” a lower-rung police official investigating the case told InUth.

Superintendent of Police Sheikh Faisal says such cases are common in Kashmir. “See this is nothing new. But we can’t directly help them (women) so we have asked them to seek legal respite.”