After the picture of the "mourning Kashmiri boy" went viral, his sketch by a mystery girl has taken the internet by storm

On March 9, Javed Dar, a photo journalist, captured the image of teenager Burhan, crying bitterly at the funeral of his 15-year-old friend

Days after the picture of a Kashmir boy crying at the funeral of a civilian killed during gunfight went viral on social media, a pencil sketch of the same image of the mourning boy has taken the social media by storm.

On March 9, Javed Dar, a prominent photo journalist from Kashmir had captured the picture of a teenage boy identified as Burhan, crying bitterly at the funeral of his neighbour and friend Amir Nazir, a 15-year-old civilian, killed during encounter. That day two militants and two civilians were killed during the gunfight in this South Kashmir district.

Soon after the photo journalist uploaded the picture of the crying boy on Facebook, it went viral. After a few hours, Dar received a surprising message on Facebook. It was a handmade sketch of the same picture with a word of appreciation from Sara Saroo, a girl who claims to be from Spain.

Interestingly, within hours the pencil sketch also went viral. In a bid to know more about the artist, InUth contacted Sara Saroo through her Facebook account, but the other party was reluctant to share her personal details.

“Thanks for the interest about my sketch. I made it cause I love Kashmir, and when I saw that picture, it touched my heart. I don’t want people know about me. All I can say about me is this; I am from Spain. I’m a human right activist and I’m interested in Kashmir politics. I think my age is not important. My name and picture are given on my FB,” that was all that Saroo told us.