#JaaneNahinDengeTujhe: Ashutosh Quits AAP But Kejriwal & Co Don't Want Him To Go

The party is yet to accept his decision.

Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh announced his resignation from the party citing a ‘very very personal’ reason. While thanking all the party members for the ‘beautiful journey’, Ashutosh announced his decision on his Twitter and asked the party leadership to accept his decision. He also requested the media to respect his privacy and urged them to refrain from asking questions.

A former journalist who served as the Managing Editor of IBN 7, Ashutosh joined the party in 2014. He had also contested the 2014 Lok Sabha polls where he lost to BJP’s Harsh Vardhan.

Meanwhile, the party has refused to accept his resignation. Many senior leaders took to Twitter to urge him to roll back his decision.


But it was the party chief Kejriwal who seemed heartbroken. He said he “won’t accept his resignation in this lifetime”

Kejriwal then said how much his party loved Ashutosh (of course, with a supporting photograph)


Many AAP supporters also joined the cause:


But ex-AAP members and the Opposition leaders had different things to say:

Kumar Vishwas congratulated his ‘sacrifice’

While BJP’s Khemchand Sharma said Ashutosh got ‘independence from Kejriwal’s slavery’: