Remember The Bhopal Frogs That Were Married For Rain? Now They Are Divorced To End Floods

If the news of marrying off frogs to appease the god of rain was not bizarre enough, then brace yourself. There is more in store for you.
Members of Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal in Bhopal have gotten a frog couple divorced Wednesday evening, two months after their wedding, to stop the continuous rain affecting Madhya Pradesh, Times Of India reported.

A Journey From Wedding To Divorce
Two months ago, amidst chants and rituals, members of the religious group had gotten the frogs married in an grand celebration to appease the rain gods to bring rains in the drought hit-state. Now Madhya Pradesh is battered by rain, with the state receiving excessive rainfall for several days.
According to reports Madhya Pradesh, has received 26% more rainfall than normal leading to Narmada River flowing over the danger mark.
In order to get respite from the rain, the religious group performed divorce of symbolic frog couple in a temple, according to the TOI report.

Not Just in Bhopal, All Over India
A similar ceremony was organised in Karnataka too, in June the Udupi Citizens Forum arranged a wedding ceremony for two frogs and even sent out wedding cards. According to News18, in 2005 two giant toads were married as per traditions of a Hindu wedding in Kolkata with women putting vermillion on female toad symbolising a married woman. Some 400 people cheered and blew conches as women put streaks of vermilion on the female toad’s head while a band played music and priests solemnised the marriage to the chanting of hymns.