IT companies across India reportedly layoffs 56,000 employees, Karnataka govt promises help

Karnataka government has assured assistance after techies called for action to stop "illegal" layoffs in this crucial service industry

Days after the Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge met the Members of forum For IT Employees to discuss the issues that they are facing including layoff, the Karnataka government has reportedly affirmed that they will look into the matter and try and stop the “illegal layoffs”.

Soon after the forum of IT employees who demanded the state government to intervene met the Minister, the Karnataka government asserted that they were considering legal aid adding that the government was speaking to corporate companies and trying to find a solution. The forum had claimed 56,000 layoffs across the country.

“IT employees’ forum have alleged that the appraisal system in the IT sector is not transparent. We are aware of their problems and are trying to help them with legal aid. We are also in talks with corporate companies regarding the issues raised by the employees, but they are yet to respond,” News Minute quoted Priyank Kharge as saying.

However, when the Minister met the employees he had said that he will require speaking to all the stakeholders before landing up to an appropriate decision.

“I told them I need to talk with all stakeholders before taking a decision. I will talk to the employers as well as staff representatives. I cannot take a decision without holding talks with all stakeholders. The state government has no legal power to intervene in this matter but that doesn’t stop the government from looking at options to mitigate IT employees’ problems” IANS had quoted the Minister as saying.

One of the members of the forum said that they urged the Minister to take steps to stop the “illegal” layoff by IT companies and that they would prepare a list of demands and submit it at the next meeting. The forum had also spoken about other issues in IT companies including the work timing and sexual harassment at the workplace.

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