IT cells of political parties have become dens of goondas: Ravish Kumar on hack

Anchor and journalist Ravish Kumar wrote a scathing criticism of the culture of cyberbullying that has reached such a grave level that anti-establishment journalists are being targeted through email hacks.  He and his colleagues Barkha Dutt were the latest victims of a spree of Twitter account hackings that began with that of Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account.

Ravish Kumar makes some strong points against this culture of cyber bullying which has exposed our weak cyber security system. Here’s what he said in his latest blog kasba:

“When I have not tweeted for a year, even they are so scared of me that they hack into my account…someone very powerful shudders at my thought. That’s why such people are hired to use expletives against me on my Twitter account.”

“Today Barkha Dutt and my privacy have been breached. Tomorrow the same thing can happen to you. When powers that be are terrifying the journalists for what they say, they are actually sending out a message to the citizen that no dissent will be tolerated. If you are celebrating this hacking, then the same thing will happen to you.”

“You must try and find out who is behind these hackings. When they couldn’t find the culprit behind Rahul Gandhi’s account hack, then no one will be punished for these hacks either. You must question if any political party is involved in this. If you don’t question, if you don’t try and find out, soon there will be a time, when no one will find you.”

“These hackers have exposed India’s weak cyber security. The only thing the administration does in the name of the cyber security is arresting people  who are critical of politicians on social media.”

“Will now political parties and leaders  thrive on a sick culture of cyberbullying and hacking. Whatever the political allegiance of these hackers may be, it’s time their masters took them to a doctor. Cyber cells of political parties have become dens of goondas.”