Atithi devo bhava? NCRB data suggests we're not safe from foreign tourists

Delhi emerged as the front runner as the city witnessed the highest number of crimes being committed by and against foreigners

India is often pegged as a destination which is considered ‘unsafe’ for foreign tourists. However, according to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, in the past year, the country has witnessed more crimes being committed by the foreign nationals than crimes committed against them.

Contrary to the popular belief that the foreign nationals aren’t safe in India, a total of 1226 crimes were committed by the foreign nationals in India. On the other hand, a total of 382 crimes were committed against the foreign nationals in 2016.

The statistics for the year 2015 followed a similar trend, wherein a total of 365 crimes were committed against foreign nationals as against 1278 crimes by them.

Incidentally, the national capital emerged as a front runner here as well. Delhi witnessed the highest number of crimes being committed both by the foreigners and against them as against any state or union-territory in the country. The city witnessed a total of 154 committed against the foreigners and a total of 143 crimes committed by the foreigners in the year 2016.

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Check out the NCRB statistics about Delhi here:


However, the detailed breakup of the data available for the year 2016 shows a narrower gap in serious crimes. While 12 foreigners were murdered in 2016, the foreigners murdered a total of 25 people. Similarly, 19 cases of rape were registered by the foreigners as against the 44 cases registered against them.

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Also, foreigners were accused of cheating in 75 cases, while in just three cases they were victims. Similarly, a total of 53 cases of forgery were registered against the foreign nationals in 2016, while only three cases were registered by them. Additionally, 88 cases were registered against the foreigners for possessing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.