Is IGI really safe? Bag with 'bomb' goes undetected at Delhi airport security check

A bag carrying a "bomb" had reportedly gone undetected at the Delhi airport! Is Indira Gandhi Airport security really secure?

In an incident that might startle a number of flight goers and authorities, a bag carrying a “bomb” has reportedly gone undetected at the Delhi airport. Shockingly, the bag could easily get through by dodging the security check at the airport in the month of April.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, thankfully, it was only a drill conducted by Bureau for Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to check the security arrangements made at the airport. The CISF personnel allegedly failed the dummy test conducted by the Bureau. Apart from Delhi, tests were also held in Pune and Mumbai airport in the last three moths. The report stated that the aviation officials could easily cross the security checks with heavy and improvised explosives without a detonator placed in a handbag.

The check on hand baggage for an Air India to Jammu could not discover the presence of a bomb in the bag. Following which the security officials were informed about the blunder and that they had flunked the test. It must be noted that the CISF personnel uses scanners to check handbags. Officials have affirmed that they were conducting checks in various airports to ensure the safety of passengers.

“To ensure that security at airports is at its best and personnel are well aware, we keep conducting dummy checks to know the level of alertness. In April, a drill was conducted where components of improvised explosive device were kept in a bag by a BCAS official. The CISF missed it,” Hindustan Times quoted a civil aviation official as saying.

“We have prepared a report listing incidents where CISF failed to notice components of IED in the bag. We keep wires, some explosives and some other parts in bags,” the official added.

The CISF told the daily that action is taken against security officials who fail to perform and additional security training is provided to them. “Though, we take action against our staff, the BCAS conduct dummy checks by keeping random items related with making a bomb. Sometimes, it is without a detonator, making it all the more difficult to detect. In some cases, we have even suspended the staff,” a CISF official told the daily.

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