Is Chinese media trying to warn India on Doklam standoff through this new 'subtle video'?

The video sounds more like a subtle way of warning India to "remain sober and guard against any future poor judgement."

After the racist video against India last week, Chinese media has come up with yet another video, this time explaining why Delhi should pull out its troops from the “Chinese territory”. Contrary to the video last week, Beijing mouthpiece Xinhua has this time listed out why India and China are not born rivals.

However, the video sounds more like a subtle way of warning India to “remain sober and guard against any future poor judgement. Coexisting harmoniously and peacefully only stands to benefit their combined 2.7 billion people. Any spiral into some kind of hostile rivalry could be disastrous.”

Unlike the racist video last week where the Chinese media tried to pass off a man dressed as a Sikh man to represent Indians, the anchor is dressed in a suit trying to preach why India should maintain good relations with China. Throughout the video, the man claims that India is wrong but does not get into the reasons of why he thinks so.

It ends by saying that: “India and China need to nurture a more solid trust between them. After all, there is more than enough room in Asia for the ‘Chinese dragon’ and the ‘Indian elephant’ to dance together.”

This video comes days after the Chinese state news agency accused India of committing “Seven Sins” in an agitprop video on the ongoing standoff between India and China at Doklam. In the video titled “7 Sins of India, It’s time for India to confess its SEVEN SINS,” the show’s anchor Dier Wang accused India of not abiding by the international law, and “hijacking” Bhutan, which is believed to be the third party in the two-month-long dispute.

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The video was part of an edition of ‘The Spark’ show that is telecast on Xinhua. In the video, a question was asked “Do you negotiate with a robber who had just broken into your house… You just call 911 or just fight him back, right?”

The actor sporting a stick-on beard and heavily-accented English, apparently representing a Sikh replied: “Why call 911 – don’t you wanna play house, bro?” Wang hits back saying: “If you wanna play, get out of my house first.”