A little birdy tells us Arnab Goswami may fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court bench

Arnab being Arnab would do something great, but what?

Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami has resigned from his post and the whole world wants to know why. Twitter has still not got the idea about #Bahuballikokatappanekyumara. But, many conspiracy theories are coming out on #Arnabneresignkyukiya. We tried to scan through Twitter and tried to find what tweeples think about his resignation. They seemed quite worried about Times Now’s future, but very confident about beloved ‘Arnab da’s’ future. A Twitter user rightly said that when a man at the top of his lungs…errr…top of his job resigns, he does it for something big. This was the sentiment shared by all on Arnab Goswami.

Here are a few prospective careers for Arnab

    1. Going to North Korea: Kim Jong-un is a really misunderstood person globally. His subjects treat him with reverence. But, he is not liked by the world. It is a wild guess. But, Arnab might join his propaganda machinery. Why join, he will head the propaganda unit. No, no this is not our wish. What would become of India without Arnab? It is the tweeples that are wearing the guessing hat.

      2. Judiciary:   Arnab Goswami is often criticised for his sweeping comments on issues and individuals. People, who have been on his show, have complaint that he behaves like judge. And the judiciary is so short of judges. May be, there is a place for him?

      3. Going to contest elections in US: Many republicans want Trump removed as candidate. Now, Arnab has resigned. Ring a bell?

      4. I andB ministry: Arnab said he will remain in media. Cmon, we know Arnab is media. What could be bigger than media in media? Information and Broadcasting ministry.

5. The Viral Fever: The Viral Fever has confirmed that Arnab has resigned because of Arnub. The big question is, how will Arnab Goswami avenge this? May be, by replacing the fake Arnab Goswami in Viral Fever and transforming the show into News hour.

6: Brand-ambassador: Arnab has a loud and clear voice. He will make a good brand-ambassador for the speaker brand.

 7: Rapper: Arnab’s shows have been used to make rap songs. He can himself become a rapper and produce his songs.

Lets leave you with a glimpse of what Arnab might be doing in future.