International Yoga Day 2017 : Doing Yoga makes you a Hindu? This Polish girl's reply will win your heart on the internet today

Karolina Goswami, a resident of Poland, who has travelled across India will clear all you doubts about whether you should practice yoga or not.

Many people who practice Yoga or learn it in a yoga class are concerned about whether they are breathing correctly or their legs are aligned or not. But in India, as well as across the world, there are many people lingering doubts about whether they should be there at all, or whether they are betraying their religion.

Non-Hindu religions are a bit apprehensive about practicing yoga. It is believed that doing it would ‘make them a Hindu’. Tomorrow the world would be celebrating the International Yoga Day, amid all the preparations, a Polish girl named Karolina Goswami has ome out with a video, that’ll clear all your doubts about whether you should pratice yoga or not!

Here’s what she has to say:

“Today India is a home to all major religions of the world and majority of its population belongs to Hinduism. It is interesting to note that not all Indians are Hindu but a vast majority of Hindus who live on our planet and in India are Hindus. Hinduism is rooted in Sanatan Dharma which is said to be ethnic to this land. It is said that Yoga is a gift to the world by people who followed Sanatan Dharma and liven on the land that today we know as India.

Despite all odds, multiple invasions and colonization, the followers of Sanatan Dharma managed to keep this knowledge of Yoga safe and in its purest form and at some stage the world started to refer these people as Hindus.

Yoga went out of India and soon it started to change into something that was never heard or seen before. Today, in the west, Yoga has also been changed into something that they call. Beer Yoga, Christian Yoga, Holy Yoga, Dance Yoga, Naked Yoga and many more. Well, there is no doubt that sweating or dancing can make one feel better in some way.

Exposing our skin in the sun to get vitamin D and performing any kind of stretching exercises can definitely help in some way as well. But the question is if we are getting the maximum out of our actions and are we allowing ourselves to gain the maximum benefits that Yoga can offer? Well it looks like we are so close and yet so far

Many of us may have good intentions but maybe our actions are not as good as our intentions. What if we are misguided? What if we are opinionated and perhaps we are not even aware of it?

Video Courtesy: YouTube

Do we have the fine-tuned and healthy senses so that we can sense things correctly and are we even aware that our senses are probably not fine-tuned?

Can we understand the importance of understanding Yoga correctly? Around the world Yoga is being re-labeled and re-branded every day. In ancient India, the original knowledge of Yoga was freely shared for thousands of years and even today in India, the tradition of sharing it for free is more common than selling it. There are more practitioners of Yoga in India than anywhere else in the world but the US has the biggest chunk of 27billion USD out of the 80 billion USD global yoga industry.

Not just that, Yoga is being twisted, tampered, modified and even re-named so extensively that now many have even started to wonder if Yoga is actually a Hindu practice.

Well, the truth is that Yoga helps those who want to genuinely experience tranquility. The same tranquility that is the essence of Sanatan Dharma. But many of us do not know what Sanatan Dharma means, what Hinduism means and also the inter-connection between these two.

For a moment let’s put aise all our differences and ask ourseves a few questions:

  • Can we separate Hinduism from OM (AUM)?
  • Can we separate OM (AUM) from Sanatan Dharma?
  • Can we separate Sanatan Dharma from Karma?
  • And can we separate Karma from reincarnation?

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