International Female Boxer Suman Kumari Alleges Assault, Kolkata Police Arrests Three

International female boxer Suman Kumari alleges that she was verbally abused and physically assaulted by a man on her way to work in Kolkata on Friday.

International female boxer Suman Kumari alleges that she was verbally abused and assaulted by a man on Friday. Suman, who was on her way to work on her two-wheeler, said the incident occurred at around 11 am, in Mominpore, in south Kolkata.

She also alleges that when she sought the help of a policeman in the vicinity, he asked her to go to a police station to complain instead.

‘… a youth around 25 years of age came in front of my scooty and starter throwing (sic) slang languages with (sic) absolutely no reason. Not only that as I have started protesting him (sic) he has arrogantly beaten me,’ Suman, who holds a temporary job in the state’s agricultural department, wrote in a Facebook post.

Suman later gave a more detailed statement about the incident: “The incident happened at around 11 am when I was going to office on my scooty and a man came in front of it suddenly in order to board a bus. I managed to apply breaks but the man threw abuses at me and got into the bus. I chased the bus and in the next stop asked the man why he abused me. He came down and started abusing me again and suddenly held my throat. I tried to draw attention of a policeman standing nearby but he did not come forward.”

Kolkata Police Responds

Kolkata police responded to Suman’s post with one of their own on Facebook, saying they have filed a case and arrested three people — Rahul Sharma, Sheikh Firoz and Wasim Khan — on the basis of CCTV footage from the area.

Not A One-Off Case

Last week, former Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta alleged harassment and assault by a mob on June 17. The model-actor claimed her Uber driver was man-handled and beaten by a mob late at night when she was returning from work. When the driver tried to register a complaint at the police station, it wasn’t taken down, while hers was. An inquiry led to the suspension of a sub-inspector and two other policemen. Seven people have been arrested in this case so far with the help CCTV footage, and the videos Ushoshi herself took of the mob.