Infant heard crying 10 days after being buried alive in graveyard in MP, rescued

Baby boy buried alive in a graveyard in Madhya Pradesh and wad rescued by a couple in a village after he was heard crying

A group of kids playing near a graveyard were left baffled after they suddenly heard a baby crying beneath the ground. A newborn child was found buried alive in a graveyard at a village near Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report in news agency PTI, the child was pulled out of the ground alive after the kids playing near the area heard him crying and informed the elders. The people rushed to check the place and pulled the baby out. Another report in Jansatta stated that 32-year-old Sher Singh and his wife Sunita were passing near the graveyard when the kids came running to them and told them that they had someone crying from beneath the ground.

“Taken aback by the cries coming out from beneath the ground, the children ran away and informed me and my wife Sunita, 28. When I reached the spot, I was shocked to hear the cries coming from a small mound which had a crack. We started removing the mud with our hands and found a baby boy wailing inside” Singh told PTI.

The newborn was buried at least feet below the ground and had a huge stone dumped on his face. The couple informed the police who rushed the infant to the nearby hospital for further treatment. The couple who pulled the child out has even reportedly offered to adopt the baby.

Jansatta reported that the doctor who is treating the child confirmed that the child was around 10 days old and was suffering cold and flu. The newborn is now, however, in a stable condition. Meanwhile, the police have launched an investigation and are making efforts to find the parents of the child. They are even visiting the neighbouring hospitals and checking the records.