Indian origin CEO called 'pig' by Donald Trump supporter, asked to go back

Ravin was abused as he said he will not support Donald Trump's economic agenda after the President defended white supremacists following the Virginia violence

In a latest racist attack in the USA, an Indian origin CEO was asked to “go back to India” and to take Nikki Haley along after he made a comment that he will not support Donald Trump’s economic agenda after the President defended white supremacists following the Virginia violence.

44-year-old, US born Ravin Gandhi is the CEO of GMM Nonstick Coatings, he in an op-ed wrote, “I recently told the New York Times I was ‘rooting’ for certain aspects of Trump’s economic agenda”. Gandhi was later trolled on the social media and was racially abused by the readers. He made the statement after Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville.

“After Charlottesville and its aftermath, I will not defend Trump even if the Dow hits 50,000, unemployment goes to 1 per cent, and GDP grows by 7 per cent. Some issues transcend economics, and I will not in good conscience support a president who seems to hate Americans who don’t look like him”, added Ravin.

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Soon after his statement, he received several hate comments on the social media.  Gandhi posted a voicemail on YouTube of a woman abusing him and saying: “You’re a f****** Indian pig.” The woman did not stop here, she even called Indian American US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley a “Bangladesh creep”

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Gandhi on the nasty emails that he received said, “I wanted to show people that racism is blind to socio-economics. It just is. Even though my race is a complete non-issue in my day-to-day life, the sad reality is there’s a group of racists in the USA that views me as a second-class citizen”.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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