Indian nuclear scientist detained for stalking, harassing his student in US, says 'no big deal I liked her'

Indian nuclear scientist has been detained for stalking and harassing a female student in the US. Here's what he said to defend himself

An Indian nuclear scientist identified as Tarun K Bhardwaj has been accused of stalking and harassing a female student in the United States. What is even more shocking is that he defended his actions by asserting that it was “no big deal” as he “liked” her.

According to reports, the 38-year-old man who is working at a university in Texas, is in a detention centre. “I am a victim of racial discrimination and have been framed for highlighting high-level corruption. Charges of harassment of a female student is not such a big deal in my case as I liked her,” Times of India quoted Bhardwaj as saying.

The daily further reported that the accused was a habitual offender and had been detained by the police for similar incidents in the past. Another news report suggested that it was the fifth time that the police had detained him for harassing and stalking the same girl. Rubbishing allegations, Bhardwaj’s family has also claimed that he was only a victim of racial discrimination.

Tarun Bhardwaj who specialises in “chemical characterisation of special nuclear materials, separation of fission products from spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste,” was also allegedly given a GPS ankle monitoring device that would have helped the police officials to track his movement. However, he reportedly removed the tracking device forcing the security officials to arrest him.

Meanwhile, Bhardwaj’s family has also alleged that he was framed by his colleagues who were “jealous” of his “meteoric rise in the field”.