If Congressmen don't improve now, no one will be able to save them: Digvijaya Singh

Digvijaya Singh has admitted that there is some fault in some of the party members and said that if Congress people didn't change then nobody can save them

The members of the Congress party seems to have discontent among each other considering that a number of party leaders are coming forth after the recently concluded assembly elections and questioning the way the party is functioning. Now, senior leader Digvijaya Singh has come forward to say that nobody will be able to save the party members until and unless they don’t change themselves.

While speaking to the media, Digvijaya Singh said, “If Congressmen don’t improve now, then nobody can save them.People who have scant respect for the party and try to dominate others, should go in midst of people and work for them. Everybody should be respected in the party.”

When asked the party’s failure to form a government in Goa despite winning more seats, Digvijaya Singh asserted that a lot of corruption and bribery was involved in the whole process. He affirmed, “wallets were opened which, we couldn’t do.”

He further refutes allegations of holidaying in Goa and added that it was wrong to blame him for the party’s failure to form a government in the state. “Had I gone for tourism in Goa, then my party couldn’t have improved its tally to 17 seats from 6 and emerged as the single largest party,” he said adding that the party will continue to fight for the people of the country.

 While BJP won 13 seats, Congress had won 17 seats in the Goa Assembly Elections 2017. However, since none of the parties could win a majority, Goa’s fate lied in the hands of the independent candidate. The independent candidates and the local parties asserted that they would support BJP only if Manohar PArrikar returns as the Chief Minister. BJP swept off the floor test by winning majority support.
However,  not only Digvijaya Singh but some of the other senior leaders have expressed displeasure with the party. According to an Indian Express reports some of the Congress veterans are not happy with the party’s choice of candidates for the upcoming MCD elections and asserted that they humiliated that the party does not acceppt their calls anymore.