Idea of pellet guns not to kill anybody, introducing new rubber-based shots for stone pelters: Centre tells SC

Centre told the Supreme court that they were exploring other options beside pellet guns and the idea was not kill anybody

The central government on April 10 responded to Supreme Court query on pellet guns asserting that using pellet guns was not a priority. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told three-judge judge bench of the Supreme Court that using pellet guns is the last resort and that the idea was not to kill anybody.

Mukul Rohatgi also told the apex court that they were also exploring other options including the rubber bullets for dispersing the crowd instead of pellet guns.

Central govt informs the Supreme Court that it has issued a new standard operating procedure (SoP) to deal with stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. Under the new SoP, the Central government said that it is introducing rubber-based shots for stone-pelters in the Valley before pellet guns are used.

The centre responded to the petiion filed by the Bar Association of Jammu and Kashmir. In the wake of the number of death caused due to pellet guns in the valley, the bar association filed a plea stating that the pellet guns were being misused and urged the centre to find other modes.