Hyderabad: Elderly couple held for assaulting daughters-in law after their sons sent ‘talaq’ messages on Whatsapp

The two US-based husbands Abdul Sohail and Abdul Aqil sent 'talaq' messages on Whatsapp to their wives.

The parents of two US-based brothers who sent divorce ‘talaq’ message on Whatsapp have been arrested by the Hyderabad Police for assaulting their daughter-in-laws when they refused to leave their house. The Police officials from Moghalpura Police station arrested 60-year-old Mohammed Hafiz and wife Athiya Begum.

A police complaint was filed by the brothers’ wives when the in-laws assaulted them and threw out of the house after receiving ‘talaq’ messages. Since last two months, the brothers have been sending messages to their wives regarding divorce which they ignored.

Police said that the two brothers Abdul Sohail and Abdul Aqeel had gone to New York in 2016 after getting jobs in a private company. While Abdul Sohail had married Heena Fathima in 2012, Abdul Aqil had married Mehren Noor in 2015.

The wife of Abdul Sohail, Heena said, “Five days ago, my husband messaged ‘talaq’ written three times and another message that he had divorced me. This is unacceptable. My sister-in-law also received a similar message from her husband. Then both brothers put triple talaq as their status and display photo on Whatsapp. We have done nothing wrong to divorce us. If they want to divorce then it should be done legally and abiding the formalities. They cannot divorce us like this.”

However, V Satyanarayana, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of South Zone, asked the in-laws to allow the daughter-in-law to stay in the house, Mohammed Hafiz refused that his sons had already divorced them.

While probing the case, Inspector R Devendra said, “He claimed that since his sons uttered talaq thrice over the phone, under the Shariat law it was considered that they have already divorced so the daughter-in-law cannot stay in the house anymore.”