Humanity hits new low; Flipkart delivery man's throat slit for Rs 11,999

To cover up his crime, Varun Kumar first hid the Nanjundaswamy's body inside the gym and denied entrance to all gym members

A Flipkart delivery man was allegedly murdered by a customer of the e-commerce website in an attempt to get out of paying for the mobile phone he had ordered. The customer, Varun Kumar, is a 22-year-old gym trainer in Bengaluru.

Kumar had ordered a cell phone worth Rs 11,999 from Flipkart on December 8 despite not having enough money to pay for it. According to officials, he was desperate to get a smartphone as everyone at the gym had one. Kumar had pleaded with his father to lend him the money but, to no avail. His father wanted him to earn a mobile phone for himself as a lesson of independence that’s all the rave these days.

When, on the afternoon of December 9, the victim, identified as one Nanjundaswamy, arrived with the order, Kumar jumped at the unsuspecting delivery man and attempted to snatch the phone away from him. Nanjundaswamy attempted to flee the site only to have his head hit by a flower pot, knocking him down. Kumar proceeded to pick up another flower pot to attack the 28-year-old victim before slitting his throat with a knife.

The crime lifts the mask off an inhumane form that has replaced humanity. To murder someone, merely for a smartphone to show off in front of your buddies! What kind of an education are we providing out children with for them to commit such heinous crimes?

To cover up his crime, Kumar first hid the Nanjundaswamy’s body inside the gym and denied entrance to all members until at night, when he moved the body down to the elevator shaft.

Kumar managed to get away with the murder for two days till Nanjundaswamy’s father filed a missing persons’ complaint at the Byatarayanapura police station. Imagine the misery of the father of a hard-working man who lost his son to the brutality of mankind!

An investigation led officials to the location of Nanjundaswamy’s last delivery which led to Kumar’s arrest. Kumar has now been booked under IPC 302 for murder and IPC 397 for an additive Rs 10,000 and another mobile phone that he had robbed off of Nanjundaswamy.

Two families now grieve the loss of their children; one to death and another to madness.